Central Park - Land of Koe
Children’s Fantasy Book

Beyond everyday reality, there are magical places open only to the dreamers with big hearts...
The plot: A small gnome named Oggie undertakes a mission to solve the mystery of a disease that’s devouring the trees in Land of Koe, bringing down the specter of extinction. In this battle, he will be helped by twelve year old Patrick, a courageous boy suffering from asthma. Their adventure and a common goal binds the two worlds together.

Central Park - Land of Koe

You can easily visit spots well known from the book thanks to a mobile app and geolocation. Social media channels will help you to find people who share your love for Oggie’s and Patrick’s adventures.

Cody and Friends
animated series + features

Coding is not difficult for toddlers if done with Cody and his friends. Funny, educational stories but also a mobile application, lectures and stuff for all young fans!

Be like Ignacy
educational platform

Discover the world by experience! Ignacy, the inventor of the oil lamp is one of the scientists who can inspire you to follow your imagination. The book and the comic for children is supported by a educational video, mobile app and mobile game.

Globe Keepers
book with tales

Stories are alive and hidden in unique places, people minds... Everywhere! Sometimes very close. The only thing you must do, is find them and save them for the next generation! Globe Keepers travel around the world to write them down for us all.

Fairy tales of Gadulec
book with tales

Beautiful and inspiring stories for toddlers from all world around. Each story has a message of compassion, love, friendship and respect.

Stories are precious when shared. They can be powerful and inspirational. Tales, legends, memories - these make us feel alive! Words are visualized by pictures which take us on an amazing journey!
As explorers, we take you even deeper. Your story can be supported by applications, games, platforms and gadgets. This can have a real impact and make the world better place, filled with knowledge, inspiration, dreams, discovers and experiences.
We provide our services for publishers, public sector, foundations, marketing, advertising, media agencies and all fairy tales lovers.

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